"I would rather have discovered Mrs. Lillie Langtry than have discovered America." 
                                                                                                -Oscar Wilde

LILLIE LANGTRY  (1853-1929)

Lillie Langtry, noted for her escapades with cohort Oscar Wilde, and as consort to the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VII), was born in 1853 on the Isle of Jersey.  Educated as if a young man--in history, philosophy, literature, languages, and the arts--Langtry was an unusual woman known for her quick wit, direct style, and classic Victorian beauty (she was nicknamed "The Jersey Lily".)   Wilde was said to have written "Lady Windermere’s Fan" for her.  She toured briefly as an actress, the first "true lady " to have taken to the stage as acting at that time was not considered a fully respectable profession.  While in the US, Judge Roy Bean fell madly in love with her after watching her performance.  "Madly" being the operative word, he actually shot and killed men who didn't agree that she was the most beautiful woman in the world.  (He did this in his Texas hometown, which he renamed "Langtry".)

Lillie's husband, Edward Langtry died in 1897, and two years later she married Hugo de Bathe. Lillie Langtry died in 1929.