Photographs by Michael Doucett
I would like to have lived in the era of Oscar Wilde
when one got to sleep in late, conversation was an art form,
and you could hide a belovéd up under your skirt.

Jeannette Allée is a recipient of a 4Culture grant, an Artist Trust GAP grant, finalist for the 2005 Iowa Review Award for poetry, and winner of the Richard Hugo House New Works competition.  She has poetry forthcoming or published in The Best American Poetry 2007, The Iowa Review, FIELD, Fence, Gulf Coast, RHINO, and Pontoon: an anthology of Washington State poets. Currently, Ms. Allée is curator for Words' Worth, the poetry program of the Seattle City Council.

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Additionally, Jeannette has performed unconventional  social critique as "The Warm-Up Comedian in the House of Love" in showcases at On the Boards; Theatre Off Jackson; the Seattle Fringe Festival; the Vancouver Fringe Festival; the Freehold Studio Series; Mae West Fest IV, V, & VI; New City Theatre; and the Annex Theatre.  Her animated video, Inflatable Underwear and the 8 Drunken Immortals, was voted audience favorite in its category at the Olympia Film Festival, screened at the Northwest Film & Video Festival, and played on TVSea  (Seattle area, or worldwide if you have one of those terrible satellite dishes) as part of the Seattle Arts Commission's series.  She has appeared on KUOW, KAOS, WMBR and CBC radio.

2 0 0 5  readings

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Words' Worth
Jeannette will be reading for the
official poetry program of the Seattle City Council


Sunday, March 6, 2005
2PM, free to the general & particular public

PoetsWest  r e a d i n g  at the  FRYE ART MUSEUM
704 Terry Avenue (First Hill), Seattle, WA
Featuring Pieter Zilinsky, J. Glenn Evans, Jed Myers,
J. Andrew Rodriguez, Cathy Ross, & Jeannette Allée


April 2, 2005

2PM, free

Washington Poets Association
2005 Awards & Presentation

(including Joseph Park's exhibit featuring La Grande Odalisque)
704 Terry Avenue (near Saint James Cathedral)
Seattle, WA

Poets include: Martha Silano, Kelli Russell Agodon,
Marian Blue, David Gravender, Terry Martin, Sally Albiso,
Christopher Herald, Jeannette Allée & more.


Saturday, April 16, 2005
10:45AM, $20 Pass

325 Fifth Ave. N., Seattle Center
(in Frank Gehry's blobbular acid drop structure)

"Po Lovers: Why Rockstars Wish They Were Poets"
  featuringcartoonist Mark Campos, Clear Cut Press'
Rich Jensen, & writers: Anna Maria Hong, Amy Schrader,

(Mountain Con's) James Nugent, & Jeannette Allée

Wednesday, May 18, 2005
7:30PM, $7 artichokes

TRAPDOOR 62: Surrealist Salon/Saloon
Richard Hugo House
1634 Eleventh Avenue
Seattle, WA
featuring perchance:Edgar Allan Poe, Sylvia Plath,
a geoduck,the Baroness& more
(Nick Licata, Stacey Levine, John & Roberta Olson, Jeannette Allée,& more.)

Sunday, August 7, 2005

: writers
read for the Snoqualmie Railroad Days

(including Matt Briggs, Vincent Standley,
Jared Leising, Jeannette Allée & more)


8062 Railroad Avenue
Snoqualmie, WA


Sunday, September 11, 2005

2PM free

Washington State Poetry Anthology
Floating Bridge Press

704 Terry Ave.
Seattle, WA

40 poets including: Gregory Hischak, Nancy Pagh, Cody Walker, Chris Dusterhoff, Jeannette Allée & more

The Warm-Up Comedian in the House of Love
is a metaphor: a series of  performances on  Love, Desire, and überAwareness Interactive social critique that urges thinking for oneself with the greater good in mind.  Topics have included: True Love & Decriminalization (we're all messed up in different ways, let's help each other out), Sex/The Everything and Nothing of it, Condom Use (safety is important even if it feels like making love to Gumby ), plus: a naked German sailor/manatee story and a salute to an old Vaudevillian

"I'm a Romantic who is secretly a Pessimist but even more secretly 
  I've snuck back around and am a Romantic a thousandfold beyond that..."

SOME shows feature special Guest Host : Baroness Jzeannette, the fishnet-stockinged Teutonic ToughLove Tywrant  (think: Marlene Dietrich meets General Patton and won't take any scheisse weak love!)    The Baroness Jzeannette answers your questions on Love and Life with a swift slap across the soul that slouches. Take a question from the "whine bucket" or ask one off the top of your helmet.  Learn the secret of Wolfie, her monocled Belovéd.  When is strength vulnerability in disguise?  Verbal jousting mit oomphf!   Check your strudel at the door.   

                            "I laughed myself right out of my lederhosen."  
--Hein O.  

RevvvViews for The Warm-Up Comedian in the House of Love

      " (Ms. Allée) deftly combines all the sly wit of Lillie Langtry with the
                compelling booted strength of an Italian manservant."

                                                                     -the ghost of Oscar Wilde


"A riveting visionary!  An elucidating ogle."
James Thurber's opthamologist

"Metaphysically playful ---
The only woman I'd comb my hair down for!"
 -Alby Einstein


2 0 0 4  

Reading at the Richard Hugo House

Jeannette Allée and memoirist Ba Nguyen,
winners of the Richard Hugo House New Works competition,
will give a reading on

Saturday, October 23rd  10AM

in conjunction with the
7th Annual Inquiry at Hugo House
1634 Eleventh Avenue on Seattle's Capitol Hill
This year’s theme "Legacy: A Celebration of James Welch " features workshops,
discussions, and readings by Sherman Alexie, James Tate, Ivan Doig, Debra Magpie Earling,
Gretel Ehrlich, Jim Harrison,  Ripley Hugo, William Kittredge, Simon Ortiz,

Leslie Marmon Silko,
Annick Smith, Paul Steckler, and more. 

* * * * *
12 Minutes Max at
On the Boards
100 W. Roy
May 23 & 24, 2004
  7pm, $7 smackeroos

Dance by Ying Zhou & Archana Kumar, movementalist Erin Mitchell,
the marimba stylings of Erin Jorgensen, Egyptian poet Maged Zaher,
  choreographyby Crispin Spaeth, dance by Holly Eckert
and music by
the Bellejens.  

curated byTim Summers and Jeannette Allée



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Mayonnaise Records Showcase,
Midnight Sun, Olympia, WA  8pm

12MM , On the Boards ,    Studio Theatre, 100 West Roy, Seattle, WA  7pm
Shave and a Haircut, Benefit for One World,  Speakeasy, Seattle, WA  8pm
12MM,  On the Boards,  Studio Theatre, 100 West Roy, Seattle, WA  7pm
Spin the Bottle,  The Annex Theatre,  1916 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA  11pm
12MM,  On the Boards,   Studio Theatre, 100 West Roy, Seattle, WA  7pm
Spin the Bottle,  The Annex Theatre , 1916 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA  11pm
Mae West Fest IV, Theatre Babylon at Union Garage,  Seattle, WAFri/10:30pm Sat/6:15/9:30 Sun/3:45 

guerilla performances
   at ? El Gaucho's Pompous Room
12MM, On the Boards, Studio Theatre, 100 West Roy, Seattle, WA   7pm
Benefit at   Fusion Dance Studio, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA   8pm
Spin the Bottle, The Annex Theatre , 1916 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA Fri/11pm
Mae West Fest V, Theatre Babylon, 1418 Tenth Avenue, Seattle WA Fri/8:30/Sat.2:30/ Sun./3:15
Benefit  for Fusion at Fusion Dance Studio, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA Sun. 8 pm

Feb. 21-24th
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Mar. 27, 28, 29th


Studio Series
, Freehold Studio/Theatre Lab, 1525 Tenth Ave, Seattle,WA Th/Fri/Sat/Sun  4 shows

Mae West Fest VI, Fremont UNconventional Centre, 160 N. Canal Street, Sea,WA   2 shows
SEATTLE FRINGE FESTIVAL , Odd Duck Studio, 1214 Tenth Ave, Seattle WA   5 shows

On the Boards, Studio Theatre, 100 West Roy, Seattle, WA  7pm  
lo-fi Shunpike Arts Collective at ArtWalk, Zeitgeist , 171 South Jackson,  Seattle WA   8pm  
The Warm-Up Comedian in the House of Love: der Little Big Show
Theatre Off Jackson, 409 Seventh Ave. S.,  Seattle of WA   8 pm  

Jeannette is completing a poetry manuscript.  
Should you be interested in making a  tax-deductable contribution, kindly contact
Allied Arts Foundation  (206) 624-0432 
Allied Arts
, 216 First Ave. S. #253, Seattle, WA. 98104 

der kleine Wish List
ein Mac PowerBook
ein room with a view
car and driver from time to time.. .vrroom, vrrroommm
a little parcel of land
der Smith Tower

AlLée /Allée Bids Adieu to the Odd L

          An  Allée is an AlLée is an Alyea is an Ailje is a d 'Aillé is a d'Ailly is a d'Ailly le Haut Clocher

Kindly note that I haved stored the odd capital L that occurs in my last name far away from the public eye lest it be mistaken for some  fancification on my part. ( Merely history doing its do across the ages.  It seems d 'Ailly le Haut Clocher--Ailly of the High Bell Tower was most likely the original version should you care.)  So then, voilá,  AlLée becomes Allée (pronounced Ah-lay ). On with der show...

Above Und Beyond

The Warm-Up Comedian in the House of Love heartily endorses the following: 

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Artist Trust  Providing a Creative Future & Presence for WA State Artists
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Old Duffer's Stuff 
  1519 First Avenuein Seattle's Pike Place Market   (206) 621-1141 Vintage and WhimsyWear

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Warm-Up Photographs by Michael Doucett   Top Hat courtesy of Henry Hale "The Perfect Gentleman"   Hair by Granny   Lipstick by Aveda.


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